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LWVGL Board of Directors

2016 Letter from the Executive Team

LWVGL had an exciting 2015-16 year! Membership continued to increase another 20+, a new leadership model of three executives worked successfully, and our presence in the community increased dramatically as a result of advocating for important issues such as redistricting, sharing plans for the Wabash Riverfront, increased media coverage, an active voter service committee, and of course a great 95th birthday bash for the League. This year's challenges are to sustain momentum by involving our new members in the League, so each new member feels a connection to the history of the League and yet a part of something important for the future.

The Annual Meeting for LWVGL welcomed in new board members with talents and expertise to move our presence in the community forward. Thanks to all who have volunteered to serve in these leadership positions. The LWVUS National Convention held in June 2016 provided a path for continued growth and activity for the years to come. Concurrences approved at the convention on Redistricting and Behavior Health laid the ground work for future action.

LWVIN sponsored initiatives in juvenile justice and an education study to be concluded in 2017 with consensus meetings across the state fueling additional activity and action. LWVGL committees on women's health, redistricting, and water quality are ongoing and always in need of additional interested members. Voter Services will continue visiting high school government classrooms and offering voter registration in the community.

The LWVGL Board meets the second Monday of the month from 5:30 - 7:00 at the West Lafayette Public Library. All members are welcome. Want to know what else is going on? Check the LWVGL website at

2016-2017 Board of Directors
Sarah Kelly, Kitty Brooks, Amy Bolman-French, Margaret Brender, Erica Karrfalt, Lois Haueisen, Sally Fahey and Teena Flook

Past Boards of Directors of LWVGL