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Issues of Environment and Sustainability

Receiving updates from the committee

If you would like updates about upcoming activities, or action alerts during the legislative session, contact Sallie Fahey, Liz Solberg, or Cathy Potter, Co-chairs of the LWVGL Environment and Sustainability Committee.

Most recent E&S Committee Email Alert

(sent April 20)

Hello - In these important final days of the Indiana General Assembly, conference committees are working to reconcile differences in bills that both chambers passed. We encourage you to...

Contact Your State Senator & State Representative to:

1. Oppose any proposed "energy moratorium," which would harm the growth of large-scale renewable energy projects in Indiana, i.e. don't let this moratorium, which was defeated on a bipartisan vote in the House, slip back into a bill at the last minute!

2. Support the version of HB 1331 as passed out of the Indiana Senate. This bill reduces burdensome regulations on prospective solar panel owners who belong to Homeowner Associations.

3. Ask Rep. Ed Soliday (R-Valparaiso) to include seats for:

  • environmental health
  • environmental justice
  • energy efficiency experts in a potential "State Energy Task Force.".

Our thanks to all of you for your continued interest and actions; and again our thanks to the Hoosier Environmental Council for their bill write-ups (with some edits from us).

Liz Solberg, on behalf also of Sallie Fahey and Cathy Potter, Co-Chairs Environmental and Sustainability Committee League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette